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About Ashlyn

The Professionals Round Table - Empire Radio Now - Ashlyn Kaye
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BBC Interview - Part 1 - Ashlyn Kaye
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BBC Interview - Part 2 - Ashlyn Kaye
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I used to do a Radio Show called Alternative Saturday  interviewing  people who were making a difference in the alternative medical fields, from Hypnobirthing to Pilates and from that - my passion to also help others arose.

The turning point for me was meeting Paul Jacobs from New Oceans who ran an NLP Training school who I interviewed on my radio show.

I was fascinated with the way he spoke and his views that everybody had the resources inside them to improve and change, that nobody is ‘broken’ they just need a little help in seeing through their own fog of confusion.

I loved the sound of being able to learn techniques that could help others so I went along and undertook the very long training and studies and qualified as an NLP Coach Practitioner in 2010.

For the last 12 years I have helped 1,000 of people find happier lives.

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