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I used to do a Radio Show called Alternative Saturday  interviewing  people who were making a difference in the alternative medical fields, from Hypnobirthing to Pilates and from that my passion to also help others rose.

The turning point for me was meeting Paul Jacobs from New Oceans who ran an NLP Training school who I interviewed on my radio show.

I was fascinated with the way he spoke and his views that everybody had the resources inside them to improve and change, that nobody is ‘broken’ they just need a little help in seeing through their own fog of confusion.

I loved the sound of being able to learn techniques that could help others so I went along and undertook the very long training and studies and qualified as an NLP Coach Practitioner in 2010.


 The certification I received is only awarded to those who have demonstrated at least 80 hours monitored practice, to guarantee our methods are safe, effective and we demonstrate care and integrity - so that after that I KNEW I had the confidence that whoever became a client - they would feel safe in my hands, just as my clients have done since.

I love being able to help people move on, to feel happier about themselves and to know that I have made a difference to someone else's well being.  

I have also been fortunate to have been invited onto other radio stations to share my experience of the work I do and the most recent in August 2017  on Empire Radio Now I do a 'live' coaching session on air - something which the presenter wasn't expecting!  In just 5 minutes I may have helped thousands of people which is a wonderful thought.