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I was about to take another flight for business and every time I thought about it I had to take a lot of anti-anxiety pills.   After just one session - at last I can relax without the dreaded anticipation of having to fly!…thank you


July 2023

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Many more testimonials on Google, and and some clients are willing to share their experience of working with me by request.

Anita Ash

My daughter had hypnosis to deal with her fear of flying and it worked amazingly well.


Anita Ash

March 2023

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Cherie Godwin

I had so many issues that I couldnt see a way out if the muddle in my head.

From the first session with Ashlyn I felt calmer and more able to get a handle in what the cause of my problems.
Now after 3 sessions I already feel in control, more confident and sleeping better..I will.definately continue with her life coaching and hypnotherapy sessions - her skills are amazing thankyou


Cherie Godwin

Google verified

* Images are representative only and not the real people for privacy reasons , the names are real.

                             Consultation Fees

                                                                                                   (Updated Jan 2023

Our fees are based on the type of help you require and the frequency.

A free consultation on the phone is offered and you can choose to either be seen in your own home or my Coaching Rooms in  Hertford.

  (note:  no hypnotherapy is carried out on Zoom - only face to face

due to the delicacy of the process)

 Some sessions are available evenings and weekends.

Typically clients book 6 sessions in advance and reduced rate packages available.

Fees start at £85 per  session however booking 3 or 6 sessions the price is greately reduced....just ask about this when you call.

Please do enquire stating what you need help with, your availability and the frequency and I will be able to advise you.

Please do read the testimonials for reassurance.


Client confidence and privacy is assured and none of your details will ever be used other than to contact you personally within the terms and conditions of our agreement together.

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