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My story - how NLP helped me


A recent Horizon program entitled ‘Out of Control’ reveals that what we think we do and what we actually do can be very different Our unconscious mind is often determining our actions, decisions, choices without us even being aware that is what is happening.



My story:

From the age of 6 - I never felt good enough, liked enough, and accepted enough. I always sought confirmation from others, validation from others - that I was okay.

I went out of my way to prove I was good enough, genuine and worthy. And what I feared more than anything else…was rejection. If I was rejected, (which of course I was) by boyfriends, I fell apart emotionally.

I couldn’t understand why I was behaving like this and nor could anyone else.

I was well educated, came from a stable family background and appeared to be liked by my friends.

Around the age of 40 I met a man who practised NLP. I didn’t know that is what it was at the time, but he had the insight to see that my behaviour may have come from an incident when I was a child.

So he took me down through my ‘timeline’ and there it was!

A memory which I had long since buried. An incident once at the age of 6 when my mother in a moment of anger, hit me over the head, banging it on a wall, shouting “I never wanted you anyway – you were a mistake”.

Now at the age of 6 this tiny mind couldn’t rationalise it – so stored the information to BE TRUE.

And for 20 years I lived with ‘it must be true’.

The NLP process allowed me safely to see the event from a distance (I didn’t have to re-live it) with the understanding that she didn’t actually mean it, and probably didn’t realise how this would affect me for years to come. I was able to finally understand my past behaviour. To forgive myself, to forgive her and let it go.

He scrambled the memory so that I could no longer recall it and a huge shift happened in me….I became the person I was always meant to be.

From this experience I knew then how many other people – maybe just like you, have buried memories from your childhood which affect you, and like me you didn’t even know they were in there, and if you did, you wouldn’t know how to get rid of them.

When I trained in NLP to be able to do the same thing for I discovered that our memories are stored like movies, full colour, moving, with sounds and feelings.

This NLP process takes you via a hypnotic trance into your unconscious mind, finds the movie you no longer want and allows you to delete it (the program running). We jumble it up SO much that the brain can’t run it anymore – and guess what – the brain deletes it!

And that memory will never affect you ever again – it can’t – because it doesn’t actually exist anymore.

I have successfully worked with relationship trauma, car crash victims, social phobic’s, phobias, obesity, low self esteem - all of whom had an incident in their childhood which caused them to behave in the way they did.

Take heart then, nothing is forever, you can be free of whatever troubles from your past, even if you don’t know it’s a buried memory that is preventing you.

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