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The power of the unconscious mind - Derren Brown

Channel 4 aired a documentary based on Derren Brown’s program Fear or Faith and brilliantly shows the power of our own unconscious mind.

He tested a new drug called Rumyodin, which had previously only been used by the military to supress fear, announcing that it was now being released for public use.

Participants with a wide variety of fears including a fear of heights, socialising, allergies, and smoking took part in the trials, monitored by doctors and carried out regular reporting on their progress.

Over a short period of time each reported significant improvements, and he set up circumstances to ‘test’ their success on the ‘drug’.

A man who had such a fear of heights and wouldn’t walk over a bridge, ended up standing on one of the highest viaducts in the UK.

A shy nervous man who was anxious in even talking with people stepped in an broke up a bar brawl.

And all were delighted with this new wonder drug.

But when he brought them all together at the end he admitted that the drug ‘Rumyodin’ was infact a placebo, sugar and the injections they were give contained just saline.

He had created a pretend pharmaceutical company, a pretend ‘drug’ calling it Rumyodin and actors to make the whole experience credible.

What had worked was not the drug but the BELIEF that what they were taking would be the solution.

They trusted the source and gave themselves the permission to succeed and this set up new patterns of behavior, new ways of thinking.

“You can now stop taking Rumyodin because the Rumyodin is YOUR MIND” he said. You have all the resources already in you, by changing your beliefs."

So your unconscious mind can determine your life - and with NLP you can discover what is in there, which

may not be so helpful, as many people have found a lot of 'beliefs' adopted by their parents or teachers were never chosen.

Derren Brown has proven through this demonstration that to say ‘it’s all in your mind’– means your beliefs determine your behaviour and the power to overcome anything with anothers help.

People do change, beliefs can be changed, people like you can succeed.

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