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So many women have inspired us over the centuries, for their achievements, who will go down in history as being unique, special, amazing...and yet I wonder if when they felt inspired to do something, felt passionate about something enough to take action that it would have made such a difference in the future?

One single vision - can and has affected our futures for the better, and I believe each of us - has within ourselves - the qualities we can recognise in them.

The 7 key qualities of being a successful woman:-


Courage cannot be measured by the size of the task, the adoration of others, or upon how many other people, your positive act has made – it can only be measured by you – and what you know you had to OVERCOME to do the act.


Bravery is needed to do something that make you feel uncomfortable, makes you feel self-conscious, fearful even – but you do it anyway. Bravery again cannot be measured by how LARGE act seems, only

by how much effort it took YOU to do it. For some, what appears to us to be BRAVE, may for the person you are

witnessing may not actually have taken much of an effort for them – they may have learnt how to do that task easily, or they have practised the task many times which makes it seem easy.


When we act from passion – it gives us the energy, the power, the resilience, the determination, to fulfil what we want. When we are filled with the joy of achieving what we want, without any need for recognition, we tap into COURAGE and BRAVERY more easily.


Persistence and determination come from a bright light inside which is stronger then any outward recognition or confirmation. If something is close to our HEART then it keeps us going … just like the HEART keeps



Aren’t we inspired when we watch a child fall off a bike, and get back on again without being put off? Don’t we want to give that child encouragement to keep trying? We also need to give ourselves that encouragement too. Tell ourselves how well we are doing. Some days will not be as great as others, but any TRY is a success, no matter how small.


Can you imagine having nothing you wish to achieve. No sense of wanting

to improve. No reason to want to move forward in your life. Be glad that

there is a struggle, that there are challenges, that you have a vision to work

towards. Life would soon become very flat and meaningless if we didn’t

find something to be passionate about.


Without hope, there is no future, without hope there is no joy. Our world

grows by those who hold hope, and a belief it can be done, whatever you

hope to achieve, know that you already have the qualities in YOU to be

a successful woman.

SUCCESS doing what you have decided to do, no matter how small that

might appear. And it might just INSPIRE others to try too.


HOPE are just some of the qualities of a successful woman which already live in you!

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