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Serotonin - the happy hormone

Serotonin in the brain is thought to regulate anxiety, happiness, and mood and is stimulated by natural bright light – so it makes sense we are happier when its sunny and the days are longer.

In mid- winter the days are just hardly 8 hours long but in mid-summer it rises over 16 hours!

And what is most important is if you work in an office or shop - to make sure you get out during your breaks and after work to take advantage of the natural light as artificial light in offices does not help maintain Serotonin levels and can be disruptive to sleep patterns.

There are other ways you can pick your mood up – by creating ‘inner light’ and ‘inner colour’ to lift us and bring the sunshine inside .

SAD - seasonal affective disorder is well recognised - and many places stock lamps which mimic sunlight - and although not a replacement can be very effective as a 'pick me up and great to use first thing in the morning if you have to get up in the dark.

St. John's Wort is also recognised as a mood booster, so try these tips out and see the difference.

As well as these - I use what is known as a 'happy anchor' which is a technique to instantly change our emotional state, which is something I teach in coaching sessions - and I use them all the time - care to try it?

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