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Do you have a fear of needles or a needle phobia? Find out here if you have...

Do you have a Fear of Needles or a Needle Phobia or frightened of going to the dentist because of it?

Firstly it is natural not to like anything sharp or pointed going into our skin – and flinching is normal.

HOWEVER if just by hearing the word NEEDLE or remembering the last time a needle was put into you – you have a feeling of anxiety, rapid breathing or sometimes for some sheer panic – that is not normal.

What do these reaction mean?

Our brains are very good at making associations – and when I have worked with people who have any kind of fear or phobia – it is found there was either - a very early childhood drama associated with a needle or dentist directly OR even a not so obvious connection.

So how do you know where it comes from and HOW to put it finally to sleep?

There is a technique called the Fast Phobia Cure – which is guaranteed to find out the source through hypnosis and then stop the automatic phobic response.

So you don’t need to live with these extreme reactions anymore – and it just takes up to one hour and its gone FOREVER – just like an irritating software program that runs in the background of your computer, interrupting your life.

And when you hear or think of a 'drinking straw' you probably don't have much of a reaction do you ? that is how you will feel about a needle.

Care to try it?

All you have to lose is your anxiety and know you are free from that worry forever.

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