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Here is a secret I learnt ... eyes don't tell lies

When I first learnt NLP we were shown how to understand what is going on in a persons mind

which is very important when getting to know someone...but also to understand if a problem is

something coming from a past memory.

Everything in our mind is stored in a portion of the brain ....the left side!

But the amazing thing when we think our eyes look to the area of the brain the information

is stored.

And that is the left side.

And here is what they eyes do when you think.

So now you can be fascinated by watching others when they talk ...

If they look up left - its a VISUAL recall of a fact/memory

If they look sideways left - if a AUDIO recall

If they look down to the left - its a FEELING memory.

And if their eyes go to lots of different places....their mind is searching for the information

There are many more indications...

If a persons look up to the right - they are CREATING a IMAGE AND NEW THOUGHT


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