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A step of success

I love it when I receive a success story from a client... so here it is and then you can read how we can work together to achieve the same feeling of elation.

"During January 2017 I was a having a crisis of confidence. I had left my job which had become a huge stress factor and proceeded to have a major meltdown 2 days later through stress from the job and health issues that had also arisen throughout 16/17.

I found Ashlyn online intrigued as to how a Life Coach could help me and the sort of strategies that would be used. I booked Ashlyn for 6 weeks of one-to-one, which after the second or third, I could see results in myself having my former confidence returning. By the time I have got to the last session with Ashlyn's inspiring support and techiques I was able to draw on all the resources she had provided me with over our sessions together. In doing so, I have resumed a former Office Management company I had set up, I have also formed a new company which is going really well which enables me to come into to contact with a broad spectrum of new people, which is great for confidence. I have also embarked upon a hypnotherapy course, of which I use the techniques upon myself to relax and further practice the ability to put to one side situations which are not important or need prioritizing in order of importance.

I have since become a much more content person, achieving fulfillment, self value and restored self-confidence in my own ability.

Eternal thanks to Ashlyn, Jane - Hertford

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